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In the early 1960s, Woodstock was a little known town that harboured its creatives and nurtured individuality. Looking to escape his growing fame in New York City, the young folk singer, Bob Dylan, drove upstate on the I-87 to the sanctuary and calm he had found there. Bob stayed in a small room above the Café Espresso where he prolifically wrote music, sharing verses with the café owners and other friends. Gradually, over the years, other musicians followed his path, making that same journey to Woodstock, creating art and music amongst its small streets that wind through the forest at the foot of the Catskill mountains. 

The collaborative atmosphere, the peace and the love, are the sentiments that have inspired us to focus this collection on the spirit of Woodstock at that time. 

In 1964, above the Café Espresso, Bob Dylan wrote his emotionally expressive and intimate album, ‘Another Side of Bob Dylan’. One of the songs from that album is ‘To Ramona’, the namesake of our collection. To us, Ramona embodies the spirit of Woodstock at that time; a strong woman molded by her roots yet drawn to new things. She is a mythical, magnetic character whose beauty lies in the imperfections it holds.

Independence of spirit is timeless and Ramona embodies that, both as a woman we relate to and one we can strive to follow. That quest is as relevant today as it was in the early ‘60s and for each generation before that. Which is why we can still see the spirit of Ramona reflected everywhere; more than simply a name, Ramona speaks of our values and ideologies and of the women who inspire us with their courage, their creativity and their self expression.

“Your cracked country lips

I still wish to kiss

As to be under the strength of your skin  

Your magnetic movements

Still capture the minutes I’m in”

  To Ramona, Bob Dylan 

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