Sweet Tooth Order Process

Our aim is to keep this process as simple as possible. 

After placing the order for your sweet tooth, we ask you to send the milk tooth (or teeth) to the LITZI address at: 

LITZI, 68 Rue Dante, Montreal, QC, Canada H2S 1J7

Please wrap the tooth carefully or place it in a small box to protect it and send it to us through your preferred method.
It can be wrapped in bubble wrap, fabric, even kitchen paper, just ensure that there is enough padding to cushion it well. We recommend that you always take a tracking number. 


The tooth that you send to us is moulded in a way that will show all the details, cracks and imperfections it comes with. They are naturally occurring and part of the charm of this piece. If there are any major cracks they will be glued together in the process to be able to create the mould. Please remember that this is a natural piece with it's own distinguishing characteristics and while we do our very best to ensure a precise and exact method, some slight variations could occur. 

If the tooth arrives to us in a way that we feel cannot be moulded we will inform you and send it back. Teeth naturally crack and break over time (years normally) so it is best to send them to us as soon as possible after they have fallen. We at LITZI reserve the right to not work with a tooth if we feel it is too fragile. We also work with milk teeth, children's first teeth, not adults teeth. If you are not sure whether we can work with your tooth, or for any other questions on the process, please contact us at shop@litzi.love.